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You are welcome to our Sauna.

The Russian word “Bunya” sounds like “Sauna” in Finnish.
Sauna is a dry steam room with 100-110 degrees C, with 5-15 % humidity. Long since the Finns used Saunas for disease prevention. It has been argued that the steam warms up a body thoroughly and thus doesn’t let diseases to enter into organism. In the Sauna water evaporates on uncovered rocks at a temperature of 200-300 degrees C or in the steam generator at a temperature of 100-120 degrees C.

We can also offer a Russian sauna which steam can be regulated from 5 to 100 degrees C.

Since old times we know all the steam sauna advantages: clarity of mind, freshness, vivacity, health, strength, beauty, youth, purity, soft skin tone.

Warming up leads to salutiferous change in functional state of organism, metabolism intensification tranquilizes nervous system and renovates vivacity.

Вoth Russian and Finnish saunas are very healthful if you use one of them in a proper way.

Сapacity: 6-8 persons

Steam room: Russian, Finnish

Services: aromas for steam room, bathing accessories.

Swimming pool: 2x3 with 1,5 m depth.

Kitchen, Bar.

DVD, TV, audio-video equipment, karaoke, lounge, hookah (kalian), air conditioning