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The word "terrenkur" literally means "treatment by earth" (Terra - earth, cure - to treat).

 It is established that a major cause of heart disease and blood vessels is the lack of physical activity.

Terrenkur – (in German terrain means the terrain, land, area,territory; and kur means treatment) - a method of treatment dosed by distance, time and angle of climbing on marked routes.

The first health path was marked by the German physician M.Y. Oertel (Oertel) in 1885, who by daily dosed walks on his estate had lost weight and had been cured of heart disease.

Terrenkur is used in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, respiratory diseases, digestive system, joints, as well as, for medical rehabilitation after myocardial infarction, trauma of the locomotor apparatus, etc.

Natural health paths heal not only by the the dosage load, but also by connecting with nature, by breathing clean air, psycho-emotional comfort. The natural landscape, where our hotel is located, together with the sea air and the smell of pine trees is ideal for health path.

Natural health path in comparison with exercises on training equipment are about the same as pure spring water and tap water.

Walking – is a great way to exercise the musculoskeletal system, as the frequency and length of steps and walking pace is easily adjusted. It affects almost every muscle and organs in the human systems. The work of the muscles of the upper and lower extremities when walking is mostly dynamic. Phase rotation and relaxation of muscles for a long time doesn’t cause tiredness.

In addition, you get positive emotions while enjoying spectacular views.

We offer to your attention a route 35-45 minutes long:

If you're tired, you can relax while enjoying the magnificent view of the landscape.

The length of the entire waterfront is 10 km. You can choose the duration and route of your Terrenkur.

People with health problems should consult a physician.